Monday, February 4, 2013

I've felt a nagging on my bum recently

Corinne has recently told me to write on my blog more often. and my life is considerably un-enthralling and not one you really would want to read about ever. if i wrote a book about my life or someone else did (assuming i ever become like super famous or something) it would be 200 pages of nothing. Maybe I'd throw in some facts about what i got for christmas. cause i know i was pretty excited when that happened. maybe the rest of the world will be as well. please notice the fact that there is no capitalism. i do this on purpose. i consider it a "new trend." maybe the famous blog world will start copying me. i don't know, though. i'll have to start getting more than 6 fake followers first. 

Anyways... the point of that long paragraph, was that I'm seriously thinking about pretending i've become a wizard or something mystical. maybe a vampire. Then maybe the followers will add up or crazy bellas will start knocking on my door. 

and then.... something interesting will happen in my life. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

life's too short to be late to school because you look like a mess

Sometimes, it's better when you look in the mirror and realize you look like crap, to say "yolo", and walk out the door.

i know i do. and for goodness sake let yolo be good for something.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

a load of crap

You know, i almost got excited when i thought that an entire 6 people looked at my blog on December 1st. SIX. that's a large amount for me.

and then i realized that it was a load of crap and 6 = 0 in the fact that the people who looked at my blog weren't really people.

not gonna lie....... kind of a bummer. my proudness of this blog has officially gone back down to nothing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

did you miss me?

It's not like anyone looks at this blog. I'm pretty much talking to myself. and let's face it, the only reason I ever really posted on this blog was not because I had anything to say or I wanted to entertain the people who read it (nobody). I pretty much wrote on it cause I needed a break from school and life and I had ample amounts of free time where I sat around all doing doing school and resting my mind which was fairly rested already.

But now I am back in Texas and actually in high school where teachers love to "prepare you for college" which really means they want to torture your life and make sure you have no life outside of school. They pretty much say, "sorry! You want those extracurricular activities on your resume when you apply for college, which i am supposedly preparing you for? HA. sucker. If you want to do that you'll have to stay up REALLY late doing that homework i gave you as well." I think they're punishing us because they are tired of us talking in class. I mean, relax. honestly. we're kids. we're going to talk whether you are old and cranky or not.

So because of this new life, I have not posted for a long time. You have no idea what's going on and frankly i don't care cause i'm going to talk about whatever I want to anyways.

but today, lucky for you, i will talk about life for the past few months. lohnerlicious has also been updated so feel free to look at that as well for a more informative (kind of) post. Corinne actually talked about the entire family and i mean to do that, but most of the time i end up just talking about me, which i find is okay, cause it's my own personal blog. Sometimes i wonder whether anyone else gets annoyed but then i see sense.

You already know how i feel about school. Sometimes I miss homeschool but for the most part i'm fine. Except I have finished like two books since school started which is super frustrating cause I feel like I have no time. which i don't. I do choir and dance and piano as usual, and my life revolves around the same four things which sometimes bugs me.

Piano is fine. I don't practice a lot, but that isn't exactly a new thing. I never practiced before and i think my teacher thought that london might have changed me... given me a new outlook on life or whatever, but I am definitely unchanged. the procrastination is as bad as ever, and practicing piano is something i know very well i should do but ignore my conscious anyways and don't.

dance is good. I moved back too late for company, and i dance a lot less, and i'm not in any competition dances, which i sometimes regret, but at the end of the day, i kind of needed a break and i think this year will be good for that. corinne is still dancing as much as ever, and happened to get on the company because she is a beautiful dancer and all that wonderful stuff and the teachers wanted her so bad that they didn't care she hadn't auditioned so they made the exception they never make. which is awesome. corinne is still modest which makes me roll my eyes a lot. so that's something new.

choir is cool but often annoying. I fall asleep a lot despite the fact that I'm supposed to be singing.

seminary is tiring, which is a real pain in my behind. I love it but I am tired all of the time and I never get enough sleep. five in the morning is early, and i'm pretty sure people think i'm crazy. which i am.

i'm still on that dumb diet which sucks.

I don't spend 24/7 which corinne and my mom which i know i'm supposed to miss but it's kind of nice. I don't get annoyed with corinne as often which i think is good for the entire family, because before it was just a pain for all of us.

Ashlie and david and pearson moved back to texas, which is super cool, but also a little weird because everytime she comes over i start to think about when i can do things with her in the next week before i realize she won't be going anywhere for a while. Pearson is adorable and he's over a lot which makes me really happy and he likes to give me kisses so i think that boosts my self esteem a bit.

all in all, i'm happy to be back. Somtimes (or a lot of the time) i miss london, and all the cool things about it. I often find myself thinking the stop light is going to turn yellow before it turns green again, or i find myself pronouncing things weird, but texas is nice. and i think i'll be okay.

Monday, September 10, 2012

outdated mother habits

the outdated mother of this generation: (Types into the search bar: www....)

me(the kid who is NOT outdated): (sigh of exasperation) "mother you don't have to do that anymore!

there may have been a small roll in the eyes as well.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

everything in this world can be fixed with some scissors and glue

usually, I love to be alone. To get away from the huge crowds and the streets full of people who bump in to you and don't care about how you feel that day.

but all of that has finally disappeared.

I'm back in a small town with similar people where I'm realizing I care about what people think again.  i'm in great danger of running into people i know wherever I go.

and now I yearn even more than before to be alone. because at least before i didn't know anyone. and they didn't care how I felt that day. and they didn't care who i was or what i looked like.

and i could be me.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

so you think you can dance.

Today, Nigel and Mary made me SO MAD with who they chose to send home that i wrote hate letters to them in my head.

nigel looks like wallace and gromit
chehon can't dance and he DOESN'T do ballet. I'm still confused about how he got to vegas, let alone the top 20

and Dareian has BRICK FEET.

i'm so mad right now.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

i'm feeling lazy bummish today.

Every time you go to a church activity of any sort, there is someone giving you the speech about doing what may seem fun in the moment, but how you will regret it later.

and i can't help but feel like they are talking to me about my incredible ability to procrastinate in every thing I do.

and the fact of the matter is,

homework stinks.
being overly busy with studying stinks.
feeling panicked stinks.

yet procrastination feels like you jumped on the joy train.

until you're sitting at your desk on July 24th, still doing homework, still doing school, feeling lazy bummish on the day that you REALLY need to feel interested in grammar.

I just want to put on the fake mustaches sitting on my desk and prance around in a crazy costume.

come on life. brain. dad. gimme a break already. 

it's actually been a while since I realized that the joy train was stationary. And it still isn't going ANYWHERE. 

le freak c'est chic

I violently oppose the idea that I ruined their picture.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

For all you Texans

if there is one thing that I miss about the 110 degree weather, it is the feeling you get when you step into the house and the air conditioner is blowing and it feels like heaven.

Well here, it gets up to 70, and the house has no air conditioning and you start to burn up. and there's a third floor.

and heat rises.